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Showing the exact website foronline jobs near me. These are pretty good work from home jobs near me. I use and we’re trying to give you everything that you need. So that you can go away and do this on your own online job. As usual, there are lots of links to helpful resources in the description below the Blog. Of course, you might want to open that up of course for your online job

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Helping people learn about online jobs near me

8 Online remote Jobs for Students: Start Your Career at Home

Okay, so I wanted to really quickly share my story with you just to give you a bit of background on my work from home jobs. My experience is with an online business. I own a website called It is currently one of the UK’s biggest research survey websites. Its main purpose is to help people learn about online jobs and online paid surveys. They want to teach them how to write a good blog article and make money online.

SEO Services: The Best and Easy Online Work From Home Job

It’s had over five million visitors since the web I started in 2014. It generates income through selling advertising space to businesses. Also by selling SEO services to personal customers. I have some other smaller website jobs near me and online jobs projects. But Lords Consultant is by far and away my biggest source of income. But before I created this website I had no idea about how to make money online with online jobs. I had never worked in a digital marketing job or an online job before.

Full-time content writing online job near me

I’d spent a few years before that trying to start some kind of business. I never managed to make any of them profitable until around 2012-2013.

When I discovered online jobs like freelancing I started doing online freelancing work online. on the side of my full-time content writing online job.

How I created my own website

But more importantly than the money it taught me. So much about online business really allowed me to build a foundation of knowledge. About my business and digital marketing, my online jobs in general. This then allowed me to go on and create my own website. Then I, later on, was able to generate a full-time income with my online jobs and quit my day.

What is online freelancing |  Best way to start making money ?

What is online freelancing and why is the best way to start making money on the internet?

Online freelancing is when an individual like you or I provides digital services. To a business or another person and charge them a fee for doing so. These services can be anything from writing a product description for a website. Or enter the data into a spreadsheet. More advanced things like graphic design or web development.

You’ve got lots of flexibility to find and choose a service. That’s right for you and I’ll talk a bit more about how you do that a bit later in the blog.

What’s made this a lot easier in recent years is a lot of freelance marketplace websites. You have popped up which is full of businesses and people. Who is looking and willing to pay for services? So essentially what these websites do is they connect sellers like you. People that want to buy your services.

This has made things a lot easier on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and The Backyard Heroes online jobs site, which are incredibly popular with small business owners.

Who is looking for freelance services? The platform has made it really straightforward for someone like you. Set up a profile quite quickly and start selling your services straight away.

Best way to start making money online as a beginner?

So why do I think that online freelancing is the best way to start making money online as a beginner? Number one is that it doesn’t cost anything to start. You are totally free to sign up for any of these freelance websites. They don’t try to make any money upfront and they only take a small percentage fee of the sales. that you make after you’ve made them. so you keep the vast majority of the money that you make online on those platforms.

Compare selling products on Amazon with Freelancing

1. Selling Products on Amazone


Now if you compare that to something like selling products on Amazon. Or starting a blog where those things can work really, well. but they will have setup costs and they will have running costs. It is not really good if you’re a beginner. because you might not have the money to spend in the first place and be. It’s not a good idea to be risking too much money before you’ve learned. How do you generate money number two so that you can start earning instantly?

2. Freelancing

So when you provide freelance services on any of with online work from home jobs platforms. you invoice the buyer from within the platform. the platform itself actually encourages the buyers to pay you. This means that you can start generating income in your first month. In the world of online business that is very fast. If you compare that to something like starting a blog or a YouTube channel. My Blog Article they’re both very valid ways of making money online. But selling products can take months or even years before you start to turn a profit. I can tell you that from personal experience. Because I’ve done both of those things myself. I’m afraid that it teaches your online business within a risk-free environment

A good way to learn the basics of online business

Now that might sound a bit strange. but what I mean by that is when you are offering freelance services. on The Backyard Heroes is a business platform. It’s almost like you’re running your own mini business within the platform. Because you have to learn how to attract and win customers on the platform.

You have to learn how to provide those services effectively. you have to learn how to deal with customers in general. and you learn how to create a good reputation within that job marketplace. It’s a really good way to learn the basics of online business. and it certainly helped me prepare to go it alone and start my own standalone website. The best way I can think of describing it is it’s like riding a bike with stabilizers. You’re still riding the bike but you’ve got the support of the stabilizers to hold you up. when you’re using one of these platforms, you are running your own business.

How freelancing sites connect you to buyers

You’re doing it from within the platform. that gives you a lot of support in doing a lot of support in connecting you with your potential customers. you don’t have to worry about a lot of the things that you would. if you’re running a fully standalone business. For example, you don’t have to worry about paying for web hosting or cash flow. where to run your next advertising campaign. all you have to do is focus on finding your customers. within that platform connecting with them and delivering your service.

Freelancing is an amazing way to start making money online

I found freelancing an amazing way to start making money online and working from home online jobs. Because it was totally risk-free to say it allowed me to start owning. when he was straight away and it just taught me.

Seven steps you need to follow to make that first 100 pounds

So much for online business and digital marketing. So now that you understand what all freelancing is. And why it’s such a good starting point for making money online. Let’s move through the seven steps you need to follow to make that first hundred pounds or USD.

Start moving towards making a regular income online. and to break this down, let’s say that as a beginner you start off charging ten pounds per service for your service. Now obviously you will be able to increase that rate a lot as you gain more experience as time goes on. but let’s say that you start off charging ten pounds per service for your order. to hit that target of your first hundred pounds.

Make ten sales of your services

You just need to make ten of those sales of those services. so essentially what I’m doing with this walkthrough is. just showing you how to make ten sales on these platforms by following the way.

Step 1:

Sign up for Freelancer Website Work From Home Jobs

I did step number one, it is really easy and that is just to sign up to a freelance website. now there are quite a few out there. but the two I would recommend are The Backyard Heroes, Fiver and People per hour PPH for short and the reason. I recommend this one because it’s the one that I use to sell free health services on. When I was a freelancer I still used it to this day to actually. I buy freelance services from freelancers for my business.

It’s a really good freelance platform, it has lots of active buyers. And it’s really easy to use. It’s a UK-based site. But both sellers and buyers on the platform come from all over the world. So it doesn’t matter where you’re based, anybody can sign up to be a seller on the platform. Then there’s Fiverr, which is a US job site. but again the buyers and the sellers come from all over the world.

My Recommended Freelancing site

Marketplace online jobs startup

so you can sign up from anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you’re based. I’ve never worked there’s a freelancer on The Backyard Heroes. But I do use it occasionally to hire freelancers for my online business. so I know the platform 30 well and I know there are a lot of freelancers on there making a good income. There are lots of other sites out there. but PPH and fiverr are by far the biggest, with the most active buyers on them.

 How to pick the service that you want to do as a beginner

so I would recommend going with either of those you could of course sign up to both sites at the beginning. but I would recommend going with one platform and sticking with it and learning. It’s going really well and there may be a bit later down the line where you can expand some more sites.

But I think when you’re first starting out it makes sense to focus on one. if you try and use two at the beginning it might get a bit overwhelming. How to pick the service that you want to do as a beginner. So just get yourself signed up to one of those sites. You have to play around with it. All we need to do is enter an email address and a few simple details. You’ll be up and signed in within a few minutes.

How to pick the service that you want to do as a beginner?

Okay, so step two is where things get a little bit more involved. and that is picking the service that you will deliver.

If you have to scroll through The Backyard Heroes, PPH, Upwork, and Fiverr. you will see that there is a huge range of different services. that people offer and it may seem a bit much at first. but it’s really good because it means that you should be able to find something that suits you.

so there are a few ways you can approach this. But you just need to pick a service that is in demand. meaning that a lot of people want to buy it. and be something that you can do well. so that you can deliver a good service to customers.

Create a gig for your current job or as a hobby

you just need to scroll through the platforms and look at all the offers and gigs being offered by sellers. and on both platforms, you can see figures for how many times the service has been sold. and you don’t necessarily need to pick the most in-demand service. On either of the platforms, you need to see some evidence.

Are people making regular sales of those services?

people are making regular sales of those services. because that means there are active buyers in the space and active buyers. what you need to make money and to find something you can do. Well, as a couple of different approaches you can obviously take. if you already have something that you do in your current job or as a hobby. on the side that matches some of these services.

Think smart selling freelance services

That’s great, you can obviously look to sell those as a service. How if you don’t currently have any skills that you can sell, that’s fine. It means you’ll have to learn one now obviously that’s going to take you a bit of time. but in my opinion, learning a skill that you can charge people money for is a very good use of your time.

Think smart, sell freelance services

That’s great, you can look to sell those as a service. How if you don’t currently have any skills that you can sell, that’s fine. It means you’ll have to learn one skill now. Obviously, that’s going to take you a bit of time. but in my opinion, learning a skill that you can charge people money for is a very good use of your time.

Learn about high – demand skills

Now obviously some things will take longer to learn than others. and if you’re looking to get started quickly. then I would recommend starting with a basic skill. or something like a virtual assistant, type of work, data entry, or very basic writing tasks. Now, these things aren’t the highest-paid skills. on these platforms but they do allow you to get started quickly. You can start selling services in a relative. in just a short space of time and also once you start making sales of those services.

How to start developing your skills easily?

You can then look to start developing your skills. So for example, you might start off doing data entry online job. You move into doing data analysis or you might start off writing basic articles. Then slowly move into doing more complex things right like sales copy and things like that by doing that.

Increase Your job’s Rate of Pay Rapidly

What you’re doing is you’re increasing the value of the service. You’re able to offer people and that means. You’re going to be able to increase your rates of pay, or perhaps whilst. You start off selling basic services. You could even learn a whole new skill on the side so you could start off doing things like data entry and writing.

You can learn at The Backyard Heroes work from home online jobs

But on the side, you could be learning graphic design. You could be learning to code; you could be learning blog editing. That kind of work can see you and, high rates of pay, and the best thing. Regarding this, all the services you see are being sold on PPH. On The Backyard Heroes can be learned for free right here on.

I’ve learned everything that I know about building websites to run my businesses. Even reading articles or watching videos on YouTube, or reading blogs. I’ve personally never paid for a course, there are some good courses out there. in places like Udemy and Skillshare. It can teach you a lot but personally, I think there’s more than enough free information.

out there to get you started and if you do really feel that you need to pay for a course. That’s fine, but just don’t spend more than you can afford, I think paying between 10 and 50 pounds per course.

Don’t buy skills courses on the internet for work from home online jobs

Okay, even a hundred if it’s a specialist technical subject that you need. But please don’t rope in, into buying one of these courses. that costs hundreds of dollars or even thousands of pounds.

How to self-assess your skills for online jobs

Because then it becomes something that might perfectly ruin you. if it doesn’t work out and you, that is not ideal. so take your time picking a service to offer and have a look around both platforms. See what services are out there and have a look at some blogs. practice a few different things, try some things out you know see what you enjoy.

How do I pick a job from Freelancing sites?

See what you pick up and give something a go and remember. You always have the option to change and try new things later down the line. So don’t stress out about picking the perfect thing the first time around. As I said when I first started I did freelance content writing. It is essentially writing other people’s content for them. Now I used to work in recruitment at the time.

A basic idea of good content should look

so I had a basic idea of what good content should look like. but I didn’t really know the process of rewriting. someone’s contact or the consultation process. that was involved so I essentially picked something that I sort of knew. But I still had to learn a few new skills which involved just reading a few blogs. Online blogs kind of merge those two things and become good at delivering their service.

The next step of my journey on work from home my online jobs

The next step is after you’ve chosen a platform and picked the type of service. What you’re going to deliver is to create a profile on whichever platform you’ve chosen. Now the features of these profiles differ slightly. between people per hour and fivers, and The Backyard Heroes. Essentially they allow you to: add free things. that is a photograph, a text description of yourself, and a portfolio section. where you can upload examples of your work. and these profiles are basically like your shop window. so you need to make them look appealing as possible to encourage buyers to buy from you.

so I’ve got some tips for creating a profile before I go into them. I’m thinking about making some templates to help people write freelance profiles. some downloadable templates so if you think that’s something. you might find this helpful.

let me know in the comments below if I get enough interest. I will make these sorts of freelance profile templates. So tip number one is to use a real photo of yourself. What we need to do is get a photo taken of yourself wearing something relatively smart with you. lf smiling in it and the reason to use a real photo is that buyers on these platforms like to buy. From real people and they like to see who they’re buying from it.  It just creates more trust. so if you have a real photo of yourself, you’re much more likely to make sales. So if you’re somebody who’s hiding behind a logo or graphic or something like that.

Tips when you’re writing your profile for online jobs

Tip number two is when you’re writing the text description in your profile. make sure you do the following three things to offer a very specific narrow set of services. so don’t just write on your profile that you can use any service under the Sun in an attempt. to try and get everybody to buy from you. Because it just won’t work and the reason it won’t work is that.

How do I offer my services on a freelance site?

buyers look for experts in that particular type of service. that they’re looking for so let’s say for example I’m looking for a person to design an infographic for me. I’m going to be looking for a graphic design expert. so when I am running a search on the platform. I’m not going to be looking for someone.

that does a bit of writing, a bit of coding, a bit of graphic design. I’m going to be looking for someone that focuses and specializes in design work. because they’re gonna be the most knotty person to carry out a good design work job.

Also, if your profile is jumbled and you are offering lots of different random services. that aren’t as connected as when buyers are searching for specific skills. It’s very unlikely that your profile is going to show up in those search results. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you are offering a very narrow specific set of services.

earn the most with best micro jobs in the shortest amount of time

How do your services help solve your buyer’s problem?

You should also focus on explaining how your services help to solve your buyer’s problems. So let’s say for example if you’re a writer, then your typical buyer is likely to be perhaps a website owner. and the kind of problems they have are things like they need lots of content. they need it quickly, they need it error-free so they don’t have to spend lots of time checking it. So when you’re writing your profile, try to put yourself in the shoes of those buyers.

Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers when you doing online jobs

Think about what problems they have and explain. how your skills can help to solve those problems for them. and the last profile tip is that you should include it. lots of examples of your work in the portfolio section of your profile.

Because if you expect people to buy from you then realistically. You’re going to have to show them what you’re capable of. especially if you’re new to the platform.

So even if you’ve not done real client work before.  just put together some practice pieces or maybe even do a mock piece for a friend or a few friends.

Tips to get an online job at a freelance website

Just try and upload as many examples of your work as you can. Don’t matter if it’s written work, design work, blogs, whatever it is. just try to showcase as much of your work as you possibly can.

step 4

Create adverts within the platforms | Gig boosting formula

You create adverts within the platforms. so we’ve been to either of these platforms where you can create adverts for a specific service. so you’re going to deliver for a particular price on PPH. They’re called offers and on The Backyard Heroes online jobs, they’re called fiverr gigs. So, for example, if you’re offering writing services. you might have one advert that offers a 500-word article. You may have another ad that offers a 1,000-word blog post. So on and so on and really. I just want to try and make as many of these as possible and cover a wide range of services within your niche.

Because once you’ve created them, these adverts sit there forever on the online jobs and work from home jobs platform. When by a search for those services your adverts can appear people can visit them and they can order them. So it’s good to have as many as possible so that you can passively generate orders.

The idea when writing something needs to be really specific. what you’re offering and again focus on explaining. How the service will benefit a potential buyer? I’m thinking about creating some more templates for writing adverts.

On these platforms so again if that’s something that might be of interest to you. please let me know in the comments below if I get enough requests. I will make some and the next thing you need to do for you all.

Step 5

How to bid on jobs that are being posted by buyers?

Step 5 is to bid on online jobs that are being posted by buyers. so what this means is that buyers go on to the platform. They post a job for a specific request for a job. That they need to do so when you’re doing this. You can just search the platform for job requests in your niche by using different keywords.

It relates to that niche and you write a proposal to the buyer and try to persuade them to hire you for the job.

if we look at the job here as an example. A person is looking for a copywriter to do a specific piece of copywriting for them. if you want to propose this job. you just need to write your message in the box here and tell me what it is you’re offering. and tell them exactly why they should hire you. You set a price for the feel that you want to charge for that particular job. and then that message and the fee will go through to that person. Then they can decide whether or not they want to hire you. so this is obviously a much more active way of getting jobs than the adverts buy in the early stages.

What is the most effective way for you to land work?

This will be the most effective way for you to land work. on either of these platforms. I won’t lie to you during your first few weeks on either of these platforms, you’ll find it very, very hard to land work.

This is simply because you’re brand new to the platform. There’s no feedback on your profile and you’ll compete against other freelancers. Who has feedback and nine times out of 10 buyers in online job?

You will usually go with people who have feedback. It’s just like when you’re shopping on Amazon. You’ll usually be quite reluctant to buy a product. if it has no customer reviews on it already so in those early stages.

A lot of buyers are searching for job seekers

You’ve just got to put in a lot of work searching for jobs, applying to as many as possible. writing a custom proposal for each one. going in at low prices and really just trying to give buyers as much reason as possible to buy from you. when I first started working as a freelancer on people per hour as a content writer. so I would stay up all night writing proposals to people and the majority of them would ignore me. And it is a little disheartening, to be honest. but I eventually did manage to land an online job. I wrote some content for ten pounds.

When I got my 10 Pounds order

This wasn’t a lot of money for the work involved. but what allowed me to do was to then ask that person for feedback which I could put on my profile. Once you get that first bit of feedback to put on your profile, it’s a complete game-changer. and that brings me nicely on to step six, which is to gather feedback.

How to get good feedback from every client

Feedback is very important on these platforms. Because the better feedback you get when your profile is, the more likely people are to buy from you. More money you can charge so with every job you do make sure you do everything within your power to make sure.

How to get good reviews from buyers

All your buyers leave good reviews for you. It always starts with doing a really good online job with all your services. You have to provide everything you promised. You have to do everything within your power to make that customer happy.

I mean for those first few clients you really have to roll the red card. out and it finishes by asking for feedback. Most buyers of an online job on these platforms won’t leave feedback unless you ask them. That’s simply because they’re busy and they’ve got other stuff on their mind.

So after you’ve delivered that good piece of work to a customer and you confirm they’re happy with your online job. Then simply ask them to leave using feedback. Just say something like I’m really glad that you are happy with the work.

If you could leave me Feedback, I’d appreciate it and you’d really be helping me out. if you ask for feedback in a genuinely nice way. Not that having already delivered some good work then 9 times out of 10 people will leave good feedback for you. and because all of this feedback appears in your adverts in your shop window. Then buyers will start to trust you more and you’ll find it much easier to win jobs.

People will start to buy from your adverts and you can slowly start to raise your prices. Just to give you an example of this I started off. As I mentioned, writing CVs for 10 pounds per content on The Backyard Heroes online jobs site. But over time, as I gradually built my reputation, I built the feedback on my profile. I was eventually able to increase my rate to 100 pounds per content.

So you’ve just got to be really determined and persistent in the early stages. Keep plugging away, keep writing proposals. it will be tough but once you start getting those few jobs in.

You’ll start getting a few bits of feedback on your profile. I promise you it will get much easier from that point onward.

Step 7

How do you make your first 10 sales at your online job?

Simply repeat and find that process. so it’s really just about repeating the steps until you make those first 10 sales. Until you make that first hundred pounds. because once you break past that barrier, that’s a great confidence booster. You’ll have learned so much about the online jobs business from there. You want a really good platform to move forward and start working towards. The next big milestone is making your first thousand pounds of online jobs. This is where things start to get a bit more exciting, let’s do this, you’ll need to do things like adding new services. Your freelance profile learning new skills that pay more money. Like blog editing, digital marketing, and web development. It has many branches out onto many freelance sites. Now before I wrap up this Blog I just want to really quickly ask what would you like to learn about in my next Blog. So perhaps you want to hear more about how to write freelance adverts. You want to hear some more about the different types of skills.

How to write proposals and win online jobs as a freelancer?

You can offer as a freelancer how to write proposals and win jobs. So whatever you want to learn about in my next Blog drop a comment below telling me what you’d like to learn.

Best of luck with the first hundred pounds with online jobs

I will make my next blog based on those suggestions. So thank you very much for reading and best of luck in making your first hundred pounds with online jobs.


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