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How to get traffic on your website or blog

Do you have a website or a blog up and running? But not enough eyeballs on it. Well in this blog I’ll show you the most effective ways to get traffic from any country UK, USA, Australia, Asia, Africa to your website. What do I mean by traffic? I mean thousands of unique visitors to your website every month

Author’s Introduction

My name is Mr. Rao Ibad from Lords Consultant. I created a website before. We get started. I just want to mention that this is not a one size fits all topic. There are other articles. That claim has the ultimate formula for driving traffic to your new website.

But the reality is that what works for one website niche might not work as well for another. So in this article I’m going to share all the best ways to get traffic. And provide realistic examples of what has worked for me and people that I know personally.

But in reality you will have to try anywhere from five to ten different things and maybe one will work really well. It’s just how the game is played and there’s no shortcut around it driving traffic. It involves a lot of effort and a lot of uncertainty in the beginning.

Most effective ways to get traffic to your website

Let’s get started first, it’s important to understand. The different types of web traffic that there are include organic traffic. Which is free traffic there’s paid which is using paid advertising. And then organic typically comes from social media or SEO.

SEO | Best way to get free traffic with doing SEO

I’ll get more into these two shortly. But if you’re not sure what SEO is. It stands for search engine optimization. It basically means optimising. Your website appears in google search results.

I have a whole article called what is SEO. I will put a link to the end in case you’re interested. You can just click on the card up at the top right corner.

How To Paid traffic Works Best Strategy

Paid traffic typically comes from running paid ads. It is about paying for shoutouts on other websites, blogs or social media accounts. It already has high traffic.

Drive Traffic to build an email list

Then you’ve got your own traffic which is basically like link building you can build an email list. You have to drive traffic elsewhere to build an email list. But now you own it and you can take it anywhere that you need to from business to business.

You can make good contact with your users by sending them an update via email.

Get Free Traffic with High Quality Content

You can get traffic with your high quality content. Now that you know the types of traffic. The most important thing to understand about getting and keeping traffic.

Because the content that has value is engaging your user on site.

Valuable content is most important for a user. Because it pays the worth of a user’s time. It gives a better user experience all when a user visits your blog or website.

Best Paid Surveys

Best SEO Formula | Content is King and Distribution is Queen

Best SEO formula is to create high quality content to get good traffic. According to my SEO formula the content is king and distribution is queen. You can learn how to create valuable content and how you market it.

I mean what is the reason that someone would want to come to your site and stay to browse around. The answer is your content whether you’re teaching people. You are making informative content or providing an excellent service or product. That solves a problem for people.

You need high valuable content to get new visitors to your site. So what is valuable content? It’s writing the most informative and well-organised blog post about a topic. It’s making the most engaging article to teach a new skill.

It’s giving the most realistic advice in your podcast. So here’s a few examples of different types of content. That makes you’ve got a blog post which is usually informative and educational. You teach somebody about a topic you’ve got an article which can also be informative. It can just be training you.

Use Power of Social Media Best to Get Traffic on Your Site

You’ve got Instagram posts reels and stories. Which all are short form content. You got Tick talk videos and yes I’m serious. Tiktok actually works. Because it’s all about virality and trends.  You’ve also got LinkedIn which is a great source for business leads. And connections. And then you’ve also got Pinterest pins. This on Pinterest is where people are actually spending the most amount of money.

Pinterest as good social media site to drive traffic instantly

Because they’re seeing products all over the place. So having a Pinterest account can really help drive traffic.

Facebook as traffic source

You’ve also got Facebook posts. Before you get too overwhelmed and try to put content on every social media platform out there. You can create engaging content for Facebook users as well.  Just know that your niche is probably going to live in one to two of these places.

So if your niche is something like baking cookies for instance. Then this is probably going to be best on something like Pinterest and maybe Instagram. But not so much as YouTube.

If your niche is something like cars this might be best on Instagram and YouTube. But maybe not Pinterest so doing market research on google is going to be best for figuring out. Where your market lives and how you can cater to them.

Keyword Research is top priority in SEO field

So now you know all the different types of content. And you know that content is king well now. We’ve got a distribution queen in content. So how can we actually distribute this content to get eyeballs on it.

So first you’ve got research keywords and target SEO making. Sure that the SEO on your website. It is perfectly targeted towards keywords within your niche. It is going to help you appear a lot higher in google search. And get you a lot more organic traffic. And again I have a whole article for SEO in the description. It is about SEO and a few SEO tutorials on my blog.

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