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If you’re trying to get started as a freelancing or agency owner. It’s been tough going, perhaps you haven’t been able to get leads. You don’t have a lot of credibilities, a lot of proof. If you’ve tried getting a website and you’ve tried freelancing platforms. You tried going on social media and private messaging people to try and figure out how to get clients as freelancers or work from home job seekers.

Maybe you’ve tried all this. But you’re not quite getting the traction. You’re looking for you not quite getting the number of leads. That’s what you’re looking for in the number of clients that you’re looking for, perhaps work from home jobs. You still even have a full-time job. You’re wondering if it’s even worth it.  Can I get this to work can I get the freelancing websites to work online? It’s well worth it starting as a freelancer, well if you’re wondering about it. You’re looking to generate b2b leads. Especially on The Backyard Heroes then this write-up is for you. So what I’ll share with you is what has been working for me. Since 2014 we’ve been using freelancing platforms. As our main lead generation tool for freelancing and agency clients. I’m gonna share with you that has worked for over a thousand people. So far, what are some new ways to get started as a freelance job on The Backyard Heroes? You don’t need another trick or some little hack or get-rich-quick scheme. What you do need is a single-focus approach to lead generation.

So don’t get distracted by having websites and trying to do social media marketing. But focus only on the platforms for freelancers and work from home jobs.Only as this is the case. We do what we do almost only. It works fantastically well. Especially if you’re getting started so let’s talk about The Backyard Heroes freelancing andwork from home jobs.

How to get started on The Backyard Heroes as freelance jobs

How to get started on The Backyard Heroes. What are the different levels and how you can achieve them to get the best results? The best possible leads that potentially pay you up to ten thousand dollars per project. Sounds crazy about The Backyard Heroes’ freelancer job. But before we start hitting subscribe on the site for remotejobs.

This will allow you to get future updates on how to use The Backyard Heroes for your lead generation. By the way, Backyard Heroes has just launched The Backyard Heroes to earn online money. It is a layer on top of The Backyard Heroes website like Fiverr. It allows clients to categorize freelancers better and list projects. It looks like Upwork freelance.

Since we’re adding all these new features that are like Upwork. Because if you go look at Upwork.

Taking inspiration from Fiverr Freelance and Upwork

We’re copying, you know, not really copying. But take inspiration from Fiverr and Upwork. We have introduced extremely similar features on this platform.

Platforms Upwork and Fiverr are freelancing platforms like The Backyard Heroes. It’s like a gig freelancing platform, they’re starting to look much more similar. They used to be now here’s an interesting thing: The Backyard Heroes are going to be much bigger than Upwork.

If you go look at the stock exchange, Upwork is well less than half the size of Fiverr as a business. So it looks like The Backyard Heroes are winning in the freelance industry. That’s why I’m finally making a write-up about The Backyard Heroes, a freelancing site.

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How you can use The Backyard Heroes for lead generation

I’ve done so much with Upwork right? So let’s talk about different levels. Here’s how you can use The Backyard Heroes for lead generation. So the goal is on The Backyard Heroes since you obviously want to be serious. It’s about building a business like this or a freelancing site.

You should be able to get those projects up to 10k as soon as possible. To do this, The Backyard Heroes as sellers use what’s called a front-end offer. It’s not an official term but on The Backyard Heroes. What you usually buy as a buyer is a relatively cheap service. On the front and back end, there are custom offers, custom deals, and such happening okay.

The Backyard Heroes is a job search engine

That’s what really big sellers do now, here’s the thing about The Backyard Heroes. The Backyard Heroes is a jobs search engine. So when you post your first Fiverr gig you get those levels which we’ll talk about in a minute.

How the freelancing search engine works

What you want to do is keyword target gig to gig. Because there are a bunch of keywords. It is available and you can research on the platform. That you can write in your profile in the description you provided. This allows you to rank higher in the job search engine on The Backyard Heroes essentially.

People can search for your gig on google

You’ll be able to get more clients like that because The Backyard Heroes is an inbound system. It’s not site like upwork where you send proposals all the time. The easiest way to understand keywords. Targeting is a go-look at your top-ranked, top-reviewed competitors.

Don’t steal or plagiarise content, of course, keywords are fair game

See which keywords they’re targeting and then emulate similar keywords. Now don’t steal or plagiarise content, of course. But the keywords are fair game.

The Backyard Heroes freelancing levels

So let’s talk about The Backyard Heroes’ entry level jobs. This is what you’ve come to for the Backyard Heroes levels. It allows you to rank higher on the platform by giving you a higher level. It means you get more traffic essentially right? It’s not just the freelancing site job algorithm that gets you keyword-targeted traffic. It’s an algorithm that weighs on your level and the higher.

How can I get more freelancing jobs here?

The level of more leads you really get really is exponential growth. So level one essentially you need to complete at least 60 days as an active seller on The Backyard Heroes. You need to complete at least 10 individual orders.

  1. Level one you can earn $400 in the first 60 days

You earn at least $400 not very difficult by the way like almost anyone can do this. If you have the right keyword targeting and the right type of service and four hundred dollars. You know, it’s really not that much.

How to complete level one jobs

Even if you do five dollars per order you know it’s a hundred orders which sounds like a lot. But for a five-dollar order, it’s very very cheap flight. It’s very easy to do a five-dollar order, it can be automated. If you do 40 orders, like 10 orders, you’re slightly more involved.

What types of services do I offer?

But it’s not some super complicated service. Do not offer expensive services or twenty thousand dollars. For example on places like Upwork or The Backyard Heroes freelancers.

How to get ratings on Backyard Heroes jobs

So then you need to maintain a 4.7-star rating. Over the course of 60 days with a 90 response rate. Over the course of 60 days and 90 order completion rate. Over the course of 60 days and a 90 on-time delivery over the course of 60 days right? You need to avoid receiving warnings over the course of 30 days as well.

Terms of Use: The Backyard Heroes Freelancer

You can read the terms of use of The Backyard Heroes freelancer. To avoid receiving warnings. Just be super on point with the responses even. If you have to hire a three-dollar-an-hour virtual assistant. To help you with those responses.


Key to success as a freelancer

Always make sure you’re responding to the client on time, and you’re delivering jobs on line on time. Communication is flawless. That’s how you get these 90 scores on all these right?

How to get positive responses from clients

When you complete the service please say for feedback. Get positive responses from your clients. So when you get the following benefits you’re going to get 10 active gigs instead of fewer. If it’s eight, if you don’t have this, you get four gig extras. It can be five dollars ten dollars twenty dollars forty dollars. I think as much as possible you also get ten gig multiples.

How and when do you offer 5 thousand dollars to the client?

You’ll be able to send custom offers for up to five thousand dollars. Not ten thousand dollars yet like for pro for example. But for five thousand dollars you’ll also get an earnings clearance of 14 days.

What benefits do freelancers level 2 have here?

It means you get paid faster and you get eligibility to be featured on promotional listings. It means you know you get more leads essentially than for level two. It’s far beyond level one like you get absolutely flooded with leads.

I think it’s times when some people have told me depending on the industry. You need to complete at least 120 days as an active seller on The Backyard Heroes. You need to complete at least 50 individual orders at all times.

Not in the last 60 days and earn at least 2 000 not that much you know. It’s 120 days $ 2000 is very little. Actually, maintain a 4.7-star rating over the course of 60 days. A 90 response rate over the course of 60 days 90 order rate.

Over the course of 60 days 90 on-time delivery rate. Over the course of 60 days. it was very similar to the previous one, to be honest, and to avoid receiving warnings over 30 days. So a lot of you know similarities, just bigger numbers, essentially level two versus level one.

So the benefits are 20 active gigs which are crazy. Here’s the best tips: never keep gigs on the platform. They are ` your leads. But testing is fine because you want to test stuff to see. If you can rank something. But you don’t want to have 10 tests running all the time. They are not ranked because they bring down your entire account.

So be careful with that five extra gig extras or up to fifty dollars this time. 15 gig multiples send custom offers for up to ten thousand dollars. Oh yeah, you don’t need a pro for that. You just need level two and then prioritize customer support. You are eligible to be featured in promotional listings.

Eligibility for customer success program

Eligibility for customer success program and earning clearing clearance. Same as before 14 days ago. okay so now here’s where it gets interesting okay? It’s called top-rated seller okay, kind of similar to how uppercase. They even operated with the same name. But okay, sure, so top rated sellers have the following requirements:

They complete at least 180 days as active sellers in The Backyard Heroes.

They complete at least 100 individual orders at all times. This is not just 180 days of earnings of at least 20 000 dollars. okay, so it’s getting up there at 4.7 stars 90 like. Avoid receiving warnings right?

Job offered pro for sellers

So you get paid way faster so there’s another level that most people are not aware of. This feature is for sellers and that is The Backyard Heroes job pro. Now to get into The Backyard Heroes pro which has huge benefits.

It’s tricky and depends on the industry that you’re in depending on. What you’re selling. So for The Backyard Heroes jobs pro, this process as I said varies per industry technical vetting. It’s step one so you know what you’re doing, you know, you do want to check. If you need professional vetting in round one. or professional reading in round two it depends. It depends on what industry you’re in and what that exactly entails.

But they’re gonna vet the crap out of you and most people get disapproved. You can reapply later on. But you do get disapproved, usually to get into The Backyard Heroes pro. You need to know your stuff, you need to be a very serious freelancer with a long track record essentially.

Top freelancers from all over the world

You really need to know what you’re doing. Even if you’re new to The Backyard Heroes. They’re trying to attract people outside of The Backyard Heroes. Top freelancers from all over the world.

Even though they haven’t been sold in The Backyard Heroes. Before that’s what top rated that’s.

Get a top-rated portfolio of work references

What is The Backyard Heroes pro? So what’s going to help you get top-rated on a portfolio of job reference lists of previous clients? You’ve worked with social media profiles. Good education and years of freelancing experience. Okay, but again I will go for The Backyard Heroes pro after you reach freelance level two. At least that’s what I will do because then you will have more of feedback from the client’s track record.

It’s easier to prove, however. I would also strongly imply that you will bring in rather outside clients. They have not used Backyard Heroes before. Because that’s what The Backyard Heroes are really looking to do.

Clients are looking to get those high-end contracts. For highly paid freelancers to the platform. Again, compete with Upwork.

Differences between The Backyard Heroes and Upwork

What are some differences between The Backyard Heroes and Upwork? I have prioritized Upwork app, to be honest, for most projects.

This is because it’s relatively easier to get higher-paid contracts on Upwork historically. However, since both platforms are starting to look more similar every single year. My suggestion is to do both because Look-Upwork is a reverse auction right? So the thing with reverse auctions is that they favour low prices.

Okay, and that’s the thing about upwork. You can kind of play with it and circumvent this and really get high-end projects. Anyway, now in The Backyard Heroes generally speaking. You have to do those cheaper projects at least in the beginning to be able to get to more expensive projects. later on and you will charge premium dollars for sure.

You do charge as much as possible

The Backyard Heroes once you do charge as much as possible. Because they also make more money from that. Now the thing with that is once you have service buyers on The Backyard Heroes. They pay you 400 for example which is a cheap project for something. You’re more likely to be able to sell them something more expensive. This also tends to happen on Upwork with a lot of leads.

They kind of try you out with something cheaper. Before you upsell them a custom offer right? So in conclusion, what you want to do is Upwork and The Backyard Heroes here’s a guide.

Guide on how to get started working right here

How to get started with the network right here. So click on it right here and take a look. I’m going to explain the algorithm of how upwork works. You can really game it and rank higher on that search engine as well.

Because The Backyard Heroes is just one of best players in town. Even though the biggest Upwork. It is still number one for high-end expensive projects based on our data. Thank you being with me and This best job site. Thanks Lords Consultant to give me an opportunity to share my ideas at a big freelancing platform The Backyard Heroes job search sites and people like you.

As you know, I am Rao Ibad, director of global market research company Lords Consultant SEO expert for Off-page, On-page and Content Marketer. I recommend this site to start freelancing here. Because here are some projects that give you money instantly. Like paid surveys, pay to click, ppc company, get paid by watching youtube videos, and many more instant jobs opportunities .The Backyard Heroes is just one of the best players in town. Even the biggest Upwork. We are still number one for high-end expensive projects based on our data. Thank you for being with me and this best job site. Thanks Lords Consultant to give me an opportunity to share my ideas on the big freelancing platform, The Backyard Heroes job search site, and people like you.
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