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Make cash by creating product descriptions and article writing US jobs

We’ve got that out of the way. Now what kind of US  jobs are we talking about for freelancers? Let’s explore the possibilities of making money here and get us jobs easily. Because there will be a lot of those first and for most. We’re talking about text creation. Now which basically refers to creating product descriptions. It is about writing articles on a given topic. These are the most demanding jobs in the US, you can get US jobs with this skill

Now that’s an interesting US jobs opportunity online money earning. You can actually take it to the next level. In case you want to combine it with another skill. But we’re going to talk about that depth in just a second for now to get easy US jobs and worldwide as well.

Let’s just quickly review the opportunities they offer.  We’re also talking about categorization. You’re basically just going to categorise data from websites. That’s going to be an effortless task or online job and anybody who’s ever used a personal computer can do it. It’s just a matter of entering some data in a google sheet. Document or things of that sort now for online money earning.

Easy jobs as well as copy and paste work get easy US jobs

Here are some pretty easy jobs as well as copy editing. Let’s just think about it this way before publishing an article on a blog. You gotta make sure that everything is on point. Your grammar is correct, your spelling is on point. Everything has been taken care of down to the finest detail well in order for that to happen. You will need to perhaps hire a proofreader. This is the person who basically double-checks your content for online money earning. A person who makes sure that everything is on point right.

But after the proofreader has done their US job. You can have another person take another look at the copy. Make sure that everything is done correctly and that it’s going to be the copy editor. So you’re basically going to work online with already proofread text for online money earning.

So it’s already 95% correct and all you got to do is point out the leftover mistakes. Make sure everything is done correctly. In other words. You’re going to check the style and the exact implementation of the job instructions. You can be the proofreader. if you so choose, you’re going to assess the text based on certain guidelines. The client will be providing you with: We’re talking about spelling, grammar style, expression and the implementation of job instructions. So there are a few different things you gotta keep in mind. You also get paid for doing market research surveys.

Get paid to fill out branded surveys from everywhere US Jobs

If you’re already browsing the web for several hours on a daily basis. This is going to be effortless as well as filling out surveys. There is everything you can do.  You can also get paid for taking pictures, recording videos, or even audio files, watching videos, like facebook pages, following someone on instagram and visiting the website to grow their SEO US jobs. But when taking paid surveys you can just click on given options and get cash money rewards easily.

App testing jobs that freelancers absolutely love this online job

There are two categories that freelancers absolutely love. The first one is called app testing. Let’s just imagine this a soccer company has just launched a new app. Let’s say it is a video game designed for mobile devices. Right before they launch it on the marketplace on google play. App store they gotta make sure everything is on point. It’s bug-free, it’s user-friendly and it’s got a great interface. To make sure that is the case, they’re going to hire somebody as a freelancer to do the testing. This is where we can play a part and get compensated for our contribution. We’re going to make sure that everything looks good when it comes to the app. We will get paid for our efforts and ultimately.

Mystryshoping Jobs The Spy Shopper’s work

Here’s another job. But this is quite out of the box, to be honest It is called the mystery shopping visit, and let’s picture it for a second. So you’re going to your favourite local store. But instead of actually looking for products to buy them. When you’re taking notes you get to visit nearby stores and take pictures of products. Upload them to The Backyard Heroes. That’s it, you’re just going to be an undercover marketing researcher. You’re going to pay a mystery visit to all of these different stores. You can take notes and provide the data you’ve collected to The Backyard Heroes US jobs portal for a profit.

Sign up at The BackyardHeroes online US jobs portal

So guys let you sign up for a free account and you’ll be back in a second and that should be too easy. You’re gonna pick your gender here. Enter your title, first name, last name and all of this basic information. So I’m sure anybody can do it. Here’s the thing guys, anybody is allowed to join the website and start making money. It doesn’t matter if you have any formal qualifications. Not that it doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve done this before, you’re still good to go. You’re virtually perfectly qualified for the task. It all boils down to one thing: are you willing to put in the work? Are you willing to dedicate your time to make that possible? Because the website has nothing against it. But there is something else to keep in mind here. You’re going to join the platform as a freelancer. Start completing all of those repetitive tasks. It is going to be worth it for you. If it’s going to be worth our time can we make some decent amounts of money?

well, let’s find out according to The Backyard Heroes. If you pass the English language and writing assessment on The Backyard Heroes freelacer site. You’re gonna be able to make about eight dollars per hour on average. Now usually there is enough online work available to work for at least four hours per day. So let us do the math here eight hours per hour on average with at least four hours per day of work. Now let’s imagine that you’re working so many weekends. In order to supplement that and make some more money well. There’s gonna be seven days a week. Let’s multiply that by four and that is 28 hours a week of work multiplying it by eight. You got yourself an extra 224 dollars per week. Now let’s just multiply by four and there you have it we’re at almost nine hundred dollars. You can make money on a monthly basis by doing what?

We’re literally talking about categorising data by providing some text content. It or researching the web as a freelancer. Now anybody can do that and 900 dollars is not a bad payout if you ask me. But even if you only make half of those guys you’re just trading some of your spirits. You’re working part-time here from the comfort of your job from home remotely. Use nothing else other than your computer. You’re making an extra $500 a month now. If you live in the United States that may not be worth your time. But in case you’re not living in a top-tier country. This might be a significant amount. Let me tell you something: Backyard Heroes, a freelance site, is not the only micro jobs website it has a client on every time that gives you online paid tasks. This will allow you to make money online by completing these repetitive offers.

Some good sites that are recommended

Here’s another one. The Lord’s Consultant works in a very similar manner and here’s another strikingly. Similar website amazon Mechanical Turk for beginner freelancers. What we want to do is sign in as a worker. Get to work right away, here’s another rapid worker. The list goes on and on. I guess here’s the thing, trading your attempt for money can be done in various different ways. But we gotta ask ourselves the following question if it’s efficient or not.

Better off trading our skills for money as a freelancer

We are better off trading our skills for money instead of trading our time for money. I think the answer is obvious, you will get paid a lot better. If you can offer some real value to your clients. The fact that anybody can complete these tasks is not necessarily an advantage. Because there is no scarcity of workers and if there is no scarcity there is value.

We are going to pay you for Content writing US jobs

But guys, let’s get back to the text creation gig right here. Remember is going to pay you for writing text. We’re talking about different paragraphs in different articles.

You’ll basically have a list of different criteria. That you can follow and there are a variety of different topics. But this is actually a great opportunity. Because you can take it to the next level. If you want to go the extra mile and start learning about it. You can become a copywriter as a freelancer.

Not just a regular writer. But someone who writes copies for email marketing. Write text for landing pages for entire sales funnels. Websites there are so many different use cases for that. Even if you search for a list of the best paying skills. You’re going to stumble upon this list that also includes copywriting.

This is just some further confirmation. Let’s process what we need guys to hear out that working for The Backyard Heroes is not that bad. If this is your first ever time trying to make money online. Then go ahead and go for it, but you cannot be freelance platform-dependent forever, and at some point you may want to diversify.

If that is the case, here’s what I would suggest that you. Do head over to and start searching for a copywriting tutorial for freelance beginners. This is actually a skill that I’m trying to polish up right now.

Because there are so many different use cases for it. You’re going to get access to hundreds or thousands of your high-quality videos. You can watch for free, there is a lot of value here and as you’re learning about copywriting.

You also get to practice it. But here’s the downside, with so many different videos and articles, not all of them are going to be top tier. It is way easier for a content creator on youtube. Just create a very shallow presentation of copywriting. Instead of going in-depth about the subject for that reason, you might end up. Wasting a lot of time searching through these youtube videos to be a successful freelancer.

Now if you’re interested in learning about copywriting. But you want to save some time.  Here’s what you can do instead of watching long-format videos. They are one hour long each that do not really convey any sort of value.

What you can do is focus on the sort of freelance beginner sprints. These are called very short straight-to-the-point. The videos cover the fundamentals of copywriting and then they also go in depth. The subject and so in case you’re a complete beginner at this freelacer site.

You can still get started. If you’re more advanced and you already have decent copyrighting skills. You can still learn a lot. The professor right here is probably making upgrades to five figures a month. From copywriting alone and inside this freelance community.

 They’re even gonna hold you accountable for your progress. In case you want to level up you need to take a test and pass it as a viser freelancer. otherwise, you will not get access to more advanced content. So guys, in case you want to polish up your copywriting skills to become a successful freelancer and get US jobs and as well as worldwide as freelancer. You want to eventually get paid for your skills online. instead of getting paid for your money. where you can check out this community and learn from actual professionals jabs job. who knows what they are talking about? But of course, you don’t necessarily have to, you can just take it one step at a time. Connect the Backyard Heroes and give it a try. And see whether or not you can make any decent amount of money. But I’m telling you over a long enough period of time. This will not be efficient, your time is worth a lot more than eight dollars an hour now.  

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