“We only givin’ you things you joke about with your friends inside your living room”         Eminem

This blog, site, project, cry for help, etc., was conceived during multiple ‘what the hell am I doing?’ counter-epiphanies during my mid-to-late twenties. I was desperately searching for work that was meaningful and in which I could get lost…yeah, you can essentially write the rest of that story yourself.

In all honesty, I, the founder (if you will), just wanted to create a medium/outlet where friends and I could collectively shoot the shit and share it with whoever wants to join in on the conversation. The blog/website is unashamedly modeled after the Bill Simmons’ Grantland (may it rest in peace) and The Ringer websites. Those who contribute to this site do so for the enjoyment of it. I really just believe that I know too many talented and smart people to let their individual and collective voices go to waste. I could be wrong, but this site isn’t about proving something. It’s for the pure enjoyment of conversation – no matter what the topic.

With that being said, here are The Backyard Heroes. If you are looking for a conversation, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for game-changers or people looking to make a statement, you might want to look somewhere else first. Then again, the lasting game-changers and those who truly make a statement don’t always set out to do so.